About Us

Opening in December of 2013, Souzza started out as a small counter-culture shop and hookah lounge, walking on new legs with one goal: successfully provide our small community with quality smoking products. Since those early days, our shop has gone through numerous trials and come out better for it. Never discouraged, we’ve relied on our roots and hard work to come out even more successful than before.

We are now taking things online. We’ve come quite a long way! 

Souzza, as of December of 2016, is now three years old. The differences between our original shop and our current shop are astounding. But, there are some things that have never changed: our determination to provide quality products, our eagerness to help customers, and our dedication to our community. As well as our Souzza wall! Every single person who has had the opportunity to step foot into our brick-and-mortar shop has been given the chance to sign our wall, and leave a bit of them behind for us. Without them, this would all still be a dream. And without them, we wouldn’t be taking steps towards carving out our online presence! 

Soon, we intend to not only provide you with local art, quality products, and fantastic service in person, but online as well. And we hope that you’ll help us achieve that goal, as you’ve helped us achieve every other. Thank you!